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Posted by graz34 on 04-17-2003 10:22 PM:

Originally posted by damedoer
I am sure the increase on price tag will be there also!


Posted by graz34 on 04-17-2003 10:27 PM:

Woops! It helps to say something after you quote someone, right? I was going to say that I cannot imagine people paying that much more for a dressed up Escape considering you can already push the Escape Limited well into the upper 20's. Plus, Mercury already offers the Mountaineer that starts in the low 30's. So why would someone pay say.....28, 29,000 for a Mariner when they could get a Mountaineer for a few grand more. Yes, some people just would not want the extra size and poor fuel economy that inevitably goes with it, but the price point just seems too close. I suppose someone could argue that the Escape Limited is close in price to a base Explorer, but the base Explorer is lacking a lot of the amenities that the Escape Limited has.....whereas the Mountaineer comes pretty well loaded at the low end of the trim lines which would be relatively close to the price of a Mariner. Anyone follow what I am saying?


Posted by mikepro on 04-17-2003 11:04 PM:

Looks interesting, I like it. Price will be interesting. It seems like there may to be a lot of overlap in the price/amenities among all the SUV classes and and nameplates, i.e. Ford, Mazda, Mercury, Lincoln. Could this be a replacement for the Tribute?


Posted by on 04-17-2003 11:26 PM:

If I remember correctly, when the Mountainer first came out there was the Explorer, XLT, EB, and LTD. The Mountainer slid in between the EB and the LTD as far as price went. I believe it was also available with the V8 prior to the Explorer. I like the interior a lot. I don't doubt that they can find a way to distinguish it without inflating the price too much.

Posted by graz34 on 04-17-2003 11:48 PM:

I have always thought the Mountaineer was a steal compared to the Explorer EB and Limited. You could practically equip a Mountaineer as well as a Explorer Limited or EB for the price of a decent XLT. It was just a little out of reach for me so I went with the Escape, which I am glad I did.....of course.


Posted by PeterChenoweth on 04-18-2003 12:32 AM:

I wondered the same thing...

The only one I can tell for sure is the far left - that's a Hazard flashers button. I'd surely bet another is the 4x4 lock switch (ala Tribute style push button), and I'd also gamble that one is a traction control on/off switch. As far as the others go...

One might almost look like a rear-hatch release button, but that's nearly a complete guess. Maybe one button activates a Freelander-like ABS-regulated "Hill Descent" mode??

Of course, it is a Mariner so maybe one button engages submarine mode - ala 007's Lotus Esprit...

Originally posted by MINIUTE
wow, what are all the buttons above the ac controls for?

2003 Dark Titanium Metallic Tribute ES-V6 4x4

Posted by FARSCAPE on 04-18-2003 12:48 AM:


An escape w/body colored mouldings and silver colored plastic accents placed intermittently huh. Yaaawn
I wanna see the ****er as a convertible

2002 Chrome Yellow XLT V6 4x4 "TONKA"

Posted by BEHR655 on 04-18-2003 02:01 AM:

But is it sea worthy?


Posted by greyboy on 04-18-2003 02:09 AM:

Thumbs up

Can I get that in a Blue?

Don't care much for the name, but I think they did a great job of "Merc-ing" up the front and rear !!
Well, I guess it's time to start a "Mariner Folder" !

We are no longer Escape owners, but I'll check in from time to time.

Posted by bzcat on 04-18-2003 03:52 AM:

Originally posted by graz34
So why would someone pay say.....28, 29,000 for a Mariner when they could get a Mountaineer for a few grand more.

Toyota does brisk business selling $35k Highlander that is no bigger than the Escape so Mariner should do just fine.

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Posted by Ford Tek on 04-18-2003 04:54 AM:

You know Mercury Marine makes a Mariner outboard motor.

Now what?

Posted by Scapedude on 04-18-2003 05:12 AM:

I likey!


'03 Limited
w/side bars

Posted by Rick Zeman on 04-18-2003 05:13 AM:

Late 2004? Hmm, we're 4 months into 2003. This is a little premature....


Posted by Estelle2 on 04-18-2003 07:51 AM:

--Nice Truck, ---Doofas name--.
Still not as rugged looking as an Escape though, looks too
much like a van.

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