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Posted by Moons on 03-05-2004 11:52 PM:

Neon Lights

A couple weeks I installed neon lights and peddles. The neons pulse with music . Installed a kill switch too. The lights originally were supposed to plug into the aux power supply. I wired them to the power input of the aux power supply in the dash. I grounded it to the frame for the center dash collum.

here are some pictures...

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Posted by 2G Sport on 03-06-2004 04:11 AM:

How about some night pics?

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Posted by bananaboat on 03-06-2004 05:48 PM:

Re: Neon Lights

Originally posted by Moons
The neons pulse with music.

We had something similar 30 years ago. We'd hook the color organ up to the quadraphonic 8-track player then crank up some Pink Floyd. Watch the blues (highs), greens (mid range) and reds (bass) while we cured the munchies.

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Posted by Escape SVT on 03-06-2004 06:03 PM:

Nice. I like the red on the switch. Kind of like a chrome red right?

I don't like, however, thhe fact that you can see the neon sticks. I hid mine so you could only see the glow, but not where it's coming from.

Posted by Moons on 03-06-2004 08:04 PM:

It is chrome red, I thought about mounting them elsewhere, but that looked like a pretty good spot...There was nothing in the way. My wife doesnt like where they are either.

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Posted by rmp102 on 03-06-2004 10:06 PM:

I'll pass on that! That would really send me over the edge


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