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Posted by on 04-29-2001 11:13 PM:


Wanted to add a few custom Escape pictures I saw that I thought were hot.
[c] [/c]

Nice!!!! This almost makes me want this Chrome Yellow Combination.

[c] [/c]
[c] White Customized Escape[/c]

Another Chrome Yellow Escape. SWEEEEEEEEET !


Posted by on 04-30-2001 07:50 AM:

Escape Pictures

Wow, I like that color combination on the first Escape. It would probably look even better in Bright Red or Toreador with that 2-tone color effect on it. Very nice, 8o what kind/color of Escape do you have Craig?

Posted by on 05-01-2001 09:37 PM:

Where? How?

Where is everyone getting all of these great Escape pictures? Who is the designer/paint shop doing all of these? I'm sure it's not "MAACO" (local cheap paint shop here).

Posted by on 05-03-2001 02:54 AM:

Re: Where? How?

Neat shots - I've seen the ali grilles available as an accessory through Anyone tried them?

Posted by on 05-03-2001 09:36 PM:

Grill guards

Nice pictures are these Escapes available for sale or is there a list of the company that painted them and who provided the equip. on them?

Posted by on 05-04-2001 10:13 PM:

Grill Guards

My friend had a wagg grill installed on his Escape. It was very hard to do and says if he ever had to do it again he would have someone install it professionally. The instructions say it's a do it yourself project for someone who is mechanically inclined. He bought it online at with free shipping.

Posted by on 05-04-2001 10:18 PM:

Re: Grill Guards

Ugh! I can't spell today, the link is

Posted by on 05-09-2001 10:02 PM:


Thats a new "smiling" graphic Single, funny. I like these, they really add to the boring plain words. I don't have my Escape yet, and no I don't know who does all of the paint work on the specials, most of them are from the SEMA website which is where manufacturers show new products like the grill guards and other things. To make their Escapes stand out more everyone does special paint jobs to try to outdo the other and attract more attention. Gives some good ideas on painting designs, but like everyone has said, I don't know how well this paint (on the bumpers etc) would last in the "real world." <img src= ALT=":\">

Posted by on 05-15-2001 02:54 PM:


Nice pictures, especially the all white one! I know this question keeps being asked, but has anyone actually tried to paint their Escapes bumpers/cladding like in the pictures yet? I would consider this look if the paint will stay on.

Posted by on 05-16-2001 08:20 AM:


The bumpers would require a lot of prep work. They would have to be sanded smooth and painted with a special paint. I seriously doubt it will be a long lasting paint job.

Posted by on 05-23-2001 10:05 AM:

To Ford Tek guy :)

What about all of the other Ford cars that have painted bumpers? Do Taurus and Mustangs and Contours have special paint on their bumpers or is it the same paint that is on the body of the car?

What is on those cars bumpers before they are painted? Thanks.

Posted by on 05-23-2001 09:13 PM:

Re: To Ford Tek guy :)

They need to be painted with a "flex" paint.
The paint is more expensive than regular automotive paint and needs to be sanded and primed correctly.
To get it done correctly from a paint shop it's cost around $1500 to do all the Escapes grey cladding.


Posted by on 05-24-2001 11:54 AM:

Re: Custom Escape Pictures

Is this flex paint a brand name paint or just a type of paint Erick? I like the look but if it would cost $1500 That is way out of the ballpark for me.

Posted by on 05-29-2001 11:43 AM:

Cladding: Do It Right

The flex paint he's referring to (if its anything like the paint used in auto detailing/touch up) is available from several places. I would check with my local dealer and if no success there, call a detailing shop near you , they have the resources and supply connections. You could also go to ask a local painting shop they must get plenty of repair jobs that relate to this.

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