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Posted by on 05-02-2001 10:55 PM:

Mazda Tribute Pictures Part 1

With so many Escape pictures here,
I wanted to post a few Tributes balance things out
I'll post them in a couple of different notes so that they load faster

ZOOM! ZOOM! in Silver

Posted by on 05-02-2001 11:04 PM:

Mazda Tribute Pictures Part 2

I definitely think the rear lights on the Tribute
look better than the Escapes rear lights. The Tributes
rear window also has more style and shape than the
Escape does (the Escape's rear window is just a basic

Rearview of Tribby


Posted by on 05-02-2001 11:47 PM:

Mazda Tribut Pictures

I posted some other Tribute pictures in the next message thread because all the "reply" posted photos seem to show up at the same time (slows down if too many pictures posted here).

Posted by on 05-13-2001 07:57 PM:


Nice pictures Kevin. Glad to see that there's
another Tribute guy on here besides me!

Posted by on 05-13-2001 08:05 PM:

Mazda Tribute A C T I V E H I C L E

Here's the prototype Mazda Tribute that
was shown at all of the autoshows a few
months before the actual Tribute design
was shown by Mazda:

It was called ActiVehicle

I like the name ActiVehicle better than
"Tribute" It just Sounds more unusual.

Dan Canton

Posted by on 05-13-2001 08:14 PM:

Another picture

Here's the front of the ActiVehicle

Unlike the Ford Escape, I have not heard
any rumours or plans from Mazda about
putting any of this SUVS features into a
an actual production model Tribute.


Posted by on 05-26-2001 02:39 PM:


The photos on here are nice.

How do I put my own picture (rather than one posted on the internet in my letter?

Posted by on 05-26-2001 09:07 PM:

Re: Mazda Tribute Pictures Part 2

I've read here about all the changes coming to the 2002 Escape, has anyone heard what changes Mazda will be doing with Tribute for 2002? Since the new Escape begins production on June 30th and the Trib is made at the same factory Tribute must begin production at the same time right?

Posted by on 06-02-2001 12:05 AM:

New Tribute pictures

Nice board, and pictures. How do you put pictures on here of your own Tributes and Escapes? Can this be done? I have a brand new Tribute and I can put some pictures up if you would like.

Posted by on 06-02-2001 12:09 AM:

Radio Instructions?

I am looking for instructions on how to remove the standard radio in my Tribute and replace it with a better on. The owners manual is not very clear on this. If anyone has done this please post, I have turned on the recieve e-mail reply option below. Thanks.

Posted by on 06-02-2001 02:47 AM:

Re: pictures

You have to show your pictures using a link. Post them somewheres else then link them here to show them. I had the same question!

Posted by on 06-02-2001 04:50 AM:

Pictures posting

Geocities is a free site where you can put your pictures. There is also

Posted by on 06-02-2001 10:00 AM:

Pictures & the Tribute Console?

If anyone has seen the new center consoles being installed in the new Tribute DX's or has a picture could you post? I would like to know if it is the same console? This console costs $350.

This is the information I read up in the "Mazda Tribute" messages tonite if anyone is interested:

Posted by on 06-03-2001 09:40 PM:

Re: pictures

The thing you forgot to mention is that you need a scanner or a camera that takes pictures that you can use on your computer before you can load the pictures on a site to show on the internet. The cameras are expensive but I have seen scanners for $39.00!

8o One other thing you could do is to go to Kinkos (are Kinkos everywhere? We have a lot of them in this area--its a printing copy center chain) and have the pictures scanned onto a disc. They are cheap, about $1.50 per scan when you do a group of pictures.

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