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Posted by vaughanjim1 on 05-01-2003 04:24 AM:

Lightbulb SUV CAMPING in stock Escape/Tribute

BREAKING NEWS :: Camping Camp news
Time To Escape...
SUV Camping In A
Stock Escape Or Tribute...

SUV CAMPING for two adults can be easy, comfortable, and very economical inside ANY stock Escape or Tribute. Two simple storage boxes you make are portable and drop in to make two beds 6ft-3in long. Air mattresses will fit also.

This makes one of the best weekend vacations ever because your "No Boundaries" SUV can camp you overnight at where you really want to be, in most kinds of weather. What a View! You can be on pebbles at the fishing stream or on the sandy beach by your boat or up the mountain on a logging road! And everything locks up inside so you can hike.


Posted by WhatsNew on 05-01-2003 09:32 AM:

Escape Project...
Camping Out In A Ford Escape

(1) EASY CARCAMPING Inside Stock Escape/Tribute:
The front seats can be slid forward to provide an inside sleeping area 6'-3" long and 4'-6" wide at the shoulders. This is standard Double-Bed size, large enough to sleep two adults. But to make this into a bed you need to build a small, portable Luggage BOX for each sleeper.

To set up for sleeping: slide the front seats forward, remove the rear seat cushions (if you haven't left them at home), lay the rear seatbacks flat, and drop one or both boxes into the gaps behind the front seats to extend the 4'-10" flat cargo floor to 6'-3" for sleeping. The box also provides...

If you prefer to sleep on a considerably more comfortable home-style matress, install a standard Coleman Doublesize Airbed for two sleepers or a Twinsize Airbed for one and fill it firmly with an electric pump.

To support an airbed you will need to use two Boxes and place a simple Bridge between them over the back part of the console. This is easy with the Low console but if you have the High console you will have to modify it very slightly to make enough floor length to install the airbed, but this modification won't change the stock look or feel of the console so no one will notice it. See instructions.

Be sure to lay a rear floormat or a folded towel over the seat hinges to protect the airbed. Note: When you Inflate the Doublesize airbed firmly and lift the front to get access to the storage boxes , it will...

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Posted by WhatsNew on 05-01-2003 09:37 AM:

Wink Camping Out: Project ONE

Excellent information Jim, we will include your how-to's in our soon to be completed Escape-Central Projects area.

Posted by DRM on 05-01-2003 04:07 PM:

Great write up, but I'll take the Holiday Inn Express
Thank you very much.

Yeah I’m old, so type clearly, pull up your pants and get off my grass.

Posted by quango on 05-03-2003 01:49 PM:

Very nicely done. What would be the cost to put these things together? Do you have any estimates?

Posted by on 05-03-2003 07:13 PM:

My idea of car camping still involves a tent:

Posted by BEHR655 on 05-03-2003 07:25 PM:

Do you set a tent up to stow your gear?


Posted by MissGingerCat on 05-03-2003 07:38 PM:

MissGingerCat's Guide to Camping

MissGingerCat~ The indoor cat...

Goddess and Commander of All Kittens
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I Love My Eggscape !!(too bad my brother owns it now)

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Posted by EscapeNYCF on 05-06-2003 12:17 PM:

Re: MissGingerCat's Guide to Camping

Originally posted by MissGingerCat

  • 1. Pack bug spray, marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers into the Escape.

  • 2. Drive to your destination, enjoying the lovely scenery from the safety of your Escape.

  • 3. Check into the motel

  • 4. Apply lots and lots of bug spray

  • 5. Meet others by the campfire with the S'more fixins, apply more bug spray.

  • 6. Enjoy toasted marshmallows and S'mores, good conversation, jokes and tall tales...

  • 7. Drive back to the motel and shower off residual bug spray

  • 8. Sleep in a dry comfy cozy bed, in a room with heat/AC (depending on the season)

MissGingerCat~ The indoor cat...

Now that's what I call roughing it.

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Posted by on 05-06-2003 05:11 PM:

Originally posted by BEHR655
Do you set a tent up to stow your gear?

Nah, we used the escape for storing - the tent for sleeping, my friends and I are just shy of getting a motel - but we bring just about everything you could imagine with us, we joked this year that next year we'd have to remember the gas grill and dishwasher...

Posted by MissGingerCat on 05-06-2003 09:19 PM:

Re: Re: MissGingerCat's Guide to Camping

Originally posted by EscapeNYCF

Now that's what I call roughing it.

You may laugh, but that is exactly how I camp. I have some friends who usually go camping every June in Door County, WI. I am usually up there staying at a motel or a resort at the same time and I meet them for one night around the campfire eating S'mores, playing games and general goofing off.

MissGingerCat~ Who doesn't like bugs or dirt and hasn't slept in a tent since she was in the girls scouts 28 years ago...

Goddess and Commander of All Kittens
2008 pearl white Toyota RAV4

I Love My Eggscape !!(too bad my brother owns it now)

Without sausage, without bacon, all purpose in life is forsaken

(='.'=)This is Bunny. Copy and paste bunny into your
(")_(")signature to help him gain world domination.

Posted by vaughanjim1 on 05-09-2003 08:53 AM:

Arrow Buying Boxes

As ESCAPE-CENTRAL provides Information in their Projects Area, a lot of readers will be building the luggage boxes to create inside suv camper beds for themselves. There are a LOT of Escapes/Tributes out there and many more to come. Since the boxes aren’t expensive or difficult to make, some people will also make them for others and some will offer them on E-Bay. If you want to buy one now, pay someone with skills and equipment to make it for you. Consider a home craftsman or a professional cabinetmaker.

Boxes are a cost-effective way to use the “No Boundaries” features of the suvs because you won’t have to buy any fancy, expensive backpacking stuff and haul it in on your own back and guard it. Everything you need locks up inside your SUV, all setup at the site for sleeping if you prefer. You can spend Your day and evening away from camp having fun the way you intended.

If you travel to visit friends or relatives with limited space, they won’t have to find a bed for you. You won’t complicate their place. If you snore a bit, they’ll never know. The stock privacy glass gives good privacy so you won’t even be noticed sleeping comfortably in your SUV.

As we have seen from other posts, some owners prefer the services of reservations and motels. That's great for them and I'm sure they've earned it! You can stop there too when you like. But when you’d like the extra adventure and economy of suv camping, it’s not very expensive to make a box or two and give it a try! The boxes are also useful to store loose items in the cargo area for a picnic or daytrip to the beach or ski slope or just shopping!

Posted by quango on 05-21-2003 04:24 AM:

Hey Jim, why don't you make some of these? What would be a price estimate of what something like this would cost?

Posted by imperialescape on 05-21-2003 04:57 AM:

i agree! then i can paint them a kewl color kinda like luggage =) if i had split seats (i dont) i think they would be great for a road trip -just one with all the snacks in it for the rear passenger to get into and keep things organized . but id prob use it for camping too or the drive ins if they still have those around =0 but really how much would they cost to have done and shipped ? thanks for the creative info !

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