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Escape versus: HondaCRV -- Jeep Liberty -- and Toyota RAV4

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14 JULY 2003
More Horsepower - Ford Announces New 3.5 V6 Engine

Powerful New V6 Engine Coming. Ford Motor Co. will announce plans today to build a sophisticated new V-6 engine, a move that could give the company a fighting chance in the battle for horsepower supremacy. The all-aluminum 3.5-liter V-6 engine -- which has been delayed at least twice -- is set to go into production at Ford's engine plant at Lima, Ohio, in late 2005. The plant could produce up to 300,000 of the new engines a year.

The engine fills a glaring gap in Ford's product arsenal -- a high-powered V-6 engine for mid-size vehicles across the Ford, Lincoln and Mercury brands. "Horsepower is becoming the new mantra," said Michael Robinet, an analyst with CSM Worldwide who tracks automakers' production plans. "This move is all about keeping pace in horsepower wars."

01 MAY 2003
Car Camping In A Stock Escape Or Tribute

Time To Escape.... EASY CARCAMPING Inside Stock Escape/Tribute: The front seats can be slid forward to provide an inside sleeping area 6'-3" long and 4'-6" wide at the shoulders. This is standard Double-Bed size, large enough to sleep two adults. But to make this into a bed you need to build a small, portable Luggage BOX for each sleeper. To set up for sleeping: slide the front seats forward, remove the rear seat cushions (if you haven't left them at home), lay the rear seatbacks flat, and drop one or both boxes into the gaps behind the front seats to extend the 4'-10" flat cargo floor to 6'-3" for sleeping.

If you prefer to sleep on a considerably more comfortable home-style matress, install a standard Coleman Doublesize Airbed for two sleepers or a Twinsize Airbed for one and fill it firmly with an electric pump. To support an airbed you will need to use two Boxes and place a simple Bridge between them over the back part of the console. This is easy with the Low console but if you have the High console you will have to modify it very slightly to make enough floor length to install the airbed, but this modification won't change the stock look or feel of the console so no one will notice it. See instructions.

16 APRIL 2003
Mercury's Escape To Be Named MARINER!!!

Escape Gets A Cousin . Just announced at the New York Autoshow: Ford Motor Co. plans to extend their small SUV family by creating a Lincoln-Mercury version of the Escape! Mariner will be Lincoln-Mercury's entry-level SUV. It is one of four new vehicles Mercury will introduce in the next three years. The 2005 Mercury Mariner SUV is Mercury's version of the Ford Escape. The 2005 Mariner will be produced at Ford's Ohio Assembly Plant in Avon Lake The new SUV goes on sale in late 2004 as a 2005 model.

Lincoln will offer its production Mariner with front-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive. The engines offered will be a 2.3-liter, I-4 and a 3.0-liter, V-6. The Mariner concept's wheels are cast aluminum with a satin finish.

16 APRIL 2003
2005 Escape Design Revealed!!! ...Ford Shows Hybrid

Escape HEV debuts at NYC Autoshow . The Ford Escape Hybrid will be among the most advanced hybrid vehicles on the road when it debuts. The hybrid system has been uniquely engineered by Ford for the Escape.

As the first true "no-compromise" SUV, the Escape Hybrid will offer: A "full" hybrid system, including a 300-volt nickel-metal-hydride battery, allowing the vehicle to run on either the gasoline engine or battery power alone with 35-40 miles per gallon fuel economy in the city driving cycle.

05 APRIL 2003
Escape wins BEST SMALL SUV Award !!!

Built Ford Tough. Ultimately... the Ford Escape and all of its competition in our best small SUV test (the Toyoto RAV, the Honda CRV, the Saturn VUE and the Hyundai Santa Fe) are about compromises after all, by their very definition, crossover SUVs have to balance the right elements of both cars and sport-utes.

The Escape also features the brawniest engine, a 3-liter V-6 that delivers a full 201 hp, by far the best in this group. And it's just as maneuverable and responsive as the rest of the crossovers, with tight steering and an independent suspension front and rear.

07 JANUARY 2003
Ford's Newest Prototype: Next ESCAPE Design?

Revealed.... Here are the first official photos of the Ford Faction concept being unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The Faction included a Duratec ST engine and Estimated torque of 143 lb.-ft. Ford says "The interior layout follows the philosophy of uncluttered, functional simplicity." "The whole rear section of the roof is a glass panel, which gives a feeling of openness to the inside. When more cargo room is needed, the rear bench seat can be lowered with a single-switch retraction system. More...

News Archives:

27 SEPT 2002
More Changes for 2003 Escapes! Ford Rolls Out Job 2.

More changes for 2003 Escape's and Tributes are coming. Here is some info on changes will take effect at the beginning of December 2002:

    Trim levels:

--- XLT appearance package A-gloss step bars will be replaced with black step bars.
--- A-gloss step bars will be a dealer option.

--- Sport models will now have XLT mats instead of special "Sport" floor mats.
--- XLT sport will come in 4x4 and 4x2.
--- XLS Sport available with the 3.0L or 2.0L engine, and will have 15" Cast Aluminum wheels
          (instead of Silver Sparkle wheels).

--- Most 2003 Escapes will have the yellow 5year/100,000 mile coolant
         (instead of the green 3 year/50,000 mile).

    Exterior revisions:

--- Gradient windshield band deleted.

--- Standard roof rack will be Mazda lengthwise rails and no horizontal cross bars or tie downs. (Cross bars will be an option)

--- Wheel hub covers will now have a molded in Ford oval instead of the blue Ford oval piece.

--- P235 A/S BSW tires replace OWL tires as standard on Limited.

--- XLS rear badge deleted.


--- Medium Dark Flint will be replaced by Dark Flint

--- Single CD radio becomes standard on XLS, dual media optional.

--- Retractable cargo area cover will be standard on limited, optional on all other models.

--- Overhead console deleted.

--- Glove box lock deleted

--- Rear powerpoint deleted.

--- Driver seat manual lumbar support deleted

--- Rear seat recline feature deleted.

--- Coat hooks will be deleted.

    Other changes on 03's:

--- XLT cargo net deleted.
--- Front drivers side power window switch and driver/ passenger door lock switches are illuminated.

--- Passenger under seat storage deleted.

--- Medium Titanium cladding color deleted. Medium Dark Platinum is now the only cladding color

23 AUGUST 2002
Official 2003 Escape COLOR BROCHURE!

The official 2003 Escape Full Color brochure . is now available for viewing online! Take a look at the new colors, and other interesting changes coming to our beloved Escapes. If you're interested in getting one of these Brochures, better head down to your dealer quickly, Escape brochures seem to get "collected" and disappear quickly! For easy access and reference, we've added a permanant link to all of the 2003 Escape & Tribute brochures, preview booklets & preliminary pricing lists.
View brochures, pricing and previews...

03 JULY 2001
Popular Dream Escape Contest Continues

The Dream is Real. Free yourself from the daily pressure life piles on. At last, your ideal getaway isn't just wishful thinking. Introduce yourself to the My Dream Escape Contest. This is where you turn the thought into reality. With these unique adventures to choose from, browse through and select the package that best represents your idea of a heavenly break and you'll be on your way toward a world of new experiences. Details...

18 MAY 2001
2003 Ford Escape HEV

Ford Escape HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) is designed to be the cleanest, most fuel-efficient sport utility on the planet when it goes on sale in 2003. Ford Motor Company, the worldwide leader in light trucks, is the first automaker to announce production plans for a hybrid electric-powered sport utility vehicle. Full Story...

15 MAY 2001
Survey: Upper midsize owners turning to SUVs

The survey found that owners of upper mid-sized cars are five times as likely to switch to a sport-utility than they were two years ago. Although the mid-sized segment includes some of the best-selling cars in the United States, it is increasingly vulnerable to sport-utilities, such as the Ford Escape, and sport wagons, such as the Lexus RX 300 and Acura MDX, said Tom Libby, analyst and director of Power Information Network. Full Story...

07 MAY 2001
Ford Escape Takes Sales Lead For First Four Months of 2001

The Ford Escape solidified it's lead as the nations number one selling small SUV with another sales win in April. This makes it four months in a row that the Ford Escape has lead its direct competition.

29 APRIL 2001
We've added an Escape Checklist to our site.

This Escape (and Tribute) checklist will help you check for any potential problems with your Escape/Tribute. You should take this list with you when you go to view the Escape/Tribby you are considering purchasing. Go over each point on this checklist before taking delivery. To see the list (we recommend printing it out) just click here.

04 JANUARY 2001
Ford ESCAPE HEV Hybrid Debutes at LA Auto Show

Ford Motor Company's Escape HEV concept made its worldwide debut Thursday at the Los Angeles International Auto Show. The drivable concept is part of a demonstration fleet the company will put on the road later this year. Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd. has been selected to be the exclusive supplier of nickel-metal hydride battery systems for the Escape HEV.

Ford Escape HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) is designed to be the cleanest, most fuel-efficient sport utility on the planet when it goes on sale in 2003. Ford Motor Company is the first automaker to announce production plans for a hybrid electric-powered sport utility vehicle. Click HERE for Ford's official Escape HEV site!.

The Ford Escape HEV will feature an electric drivetrain combined with a fuel-efficient four-cylinder gasoline engine. With regenerative braking and nearly instantaneous start-stop capability, the Escape HEV will be especially fuel-efficient in the city, delivering about 40 U.S. miles per gallon in urban driving. The hybrid Escape will be capable of being driven more than 800 kilometres (500 miles) on a single tank of gasoline. Yet Escape HEV will deliver acceleration performance similar to an Escape equipped with a V6 engine.

"Escape HEV will be a 'no-compromise' family-sized hybrid electric vehicle that achieves superior fuel economy and low emissions without sacrificing performance, roominess or affordability," says Jim O'Connor, president, Ford Division. The Escape HEV will undergo rigorous truck testing. It will have available 4x4 capability, the same ground clearance as the base model Escape and comparable cargo capacity. The Escape HEV will be built on the same assembly line in Kansas City, Missouri, as the standard Escape and will be a full-fledged member of the Ford Outfitters.

The Ford Escape H.E.V. Concept!

04 JANUARY 2001
More Ford ESCAPE HEV Hybrid Facts

The Escape HEV drive system combines a 65kW permanent magnetic electric motor and 28kW generator with an Atkinson cycle variant of the Escape's Zetec four-cylinder engine. The Atkinson cycle engine is significantly more efficient than a conventional four-stroke Otto cycle engine. The increase in efficiency is due to controlling pumping losses and optimizing the expansion ratio, while maintaining a constant compression ratio.

The Atkinson cycle, also called the "five-stroke cycle" works like this: intake, back-flow (partial expulsion to eliminate pumping losses), compression, expansion and exhaust. Based on this cycle, the combustion chamber volume is adapted to maintain a constant compression ratio for each load level while varying the expansion ratio to optimize efficiency. Low-end torque losses, which are characteristic of five-stroke cycle engines, can be overcome with the assistance of an electric drive motor, making the Atkinson cycle ideal for hybridization.

The electric drive motor is used to increase the performance of the internal combustion (IC) engine, stop and restart the IC engine when the vehicle is at rest, drive the vehicle at low speeds, recharge the 300-volt traction battery and recapture braking energy - called regenerative braking. These and other related technologies have been developed and proven out in Ford's P2000 research program. "We're applying advanced hybrid-electric technology to the heart of the American market: the highly popular sport utility vehicle," O'Connor says. "The Escape HEV will be fuel efficient and extremely clean. We'll also sell this hybrid-electric SUV in Europe under the Maverick name, where its nimble driving characteristics and clean, fuel-efficient operation should make it especially appealing to European customers." For more information about the Escape HEV check out http://www.escapehev.com.

January 2, 2001
Ford Certifies group of dealers in Blue Oval Customer satisfaction.

"The Blue Oval Certified program is all about one thing. Customer service. It's about doing whatever it takes to make your experience a pleasant one, whether you're coming in to buy or lease a new or used vehicle, or to get parts or service."

A dealership achieving Blue Oval Certification must commit to our highest standards of customer satisfaction. Recognition as Blue Oval Certified is something for which a dealership must qualify. Click here for a list of Blue Oval Certified dealers in your area.

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