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03 DEC 00
Ford Makes It Official: Another recall issued 

Ford Motor Company issued its fourth recall on the Ford Escape in less than two months. The newest, but consistent string of "Escape" recalls, is focused around a fuel line leakage (recall 00S27). The affected models were produced from October 1999 though September 1, 2000, or nearly every Escape currently on the road and on dealers' lots.

 The recall is due to a fuel line connector whose o-rings located at the outlet end of the fuel filter may have been damaged during assembly.

Here's the Other Recall:

 Ford Motor Company will announce the third recall of the 2001 Ford Escape that will impact 2001 4x2 models without ABS that were built from October 27, 1999 all the way though August 28, 2000. According to sources some 4x2 Escapes were built with 4x4 rear wheel hubs. Ford documents state "This misbuild condition may cause the rear wheels to become loose or separate from the vehicle. This could adversely affect vehicle control and could potentially lead to a vehicle crash." The third emergency stop sale reads like the previous two stating "Do not drive, demonstrate, deliver or perform pre-delivery inspection on any vehicles affected by this recall until this inspection has been performed."

 Owners are urged to immediately take their Escape to a Ford dealer to see if their model is effected by the emergency notice. Owners who visually inspect their Escape and determine it to be under this recall are instructed to have the "dealer is to transport the vehicle to the dealership for repair - it must only be transported on roll-back style wrecker. It may not be driven or towed."

November 28, 2000
Ford recalls Escape over problem with wiper linkage

Ford Motor Co. has begun its fifth and largest recall on the Escape, a compact sport-utility vehicle launched this summer. The recall covers 51,000 Escapes, including 27,500 that have been delivered to customers, who are to be notified by letter in mid-December. Ford hopes to complete the recall a few weeks later. Inspections and any necessary repairs will be performed at no charge.

On Nov. 17, Ford found a problem with the windshield wiper linkage, which it attributes to a supplier's manufacturing flaw. Some sockets were cracked, and rivets were sometimes missing. Ford expects it will have to replace linkages in less than 6 percent of the vehicles. But all need to be inspected. The Escape was introduced at Detroit's 2000 North American International Auto Show, taking aim at the Toyota RAV4 and Honda CR-V.


07 AUG 00

Ford Confirms Recall of Escapes

DETROIT, Aug 7 (Reuters) - Ford Motor Co. (NYSE:F - news) on Monday confirmed it has recalled 1,300 of its new Escape small sport utility vehicles, and 625 of its Mazda Motor Corp. sibling, the Tribute, for steering wheel problems.

Ford, the nation's No. 2 automaker, said it is replacing a steering wheel nut that can crack, causing the steering wheel to separate from the steering column. The story was first reported in Monday's Automotive News, an industry trade publication.

Ford began sending the 2001 Escape to dealers July 24, but no Escapes were officially reported as sold in July. About 13 of the 1,300 were delivered to customers.

Ford spokeswoman Jerree Martin said there have been no reports of steering wheels coming off the steering column.

The Escape and Tribute are made at Ford's Kansas City Assembly plant in Claycomo, Mo.


05 AUG 00

Emergency Stop Sale of Escapes issued by Ford!

Read about it here

Ford Motor Company has issued a second emergency stop sale order for All Ford Escape/Mazda Tribute models in less than one week. The first stop sale order was issued on 27 July for a potential cruise control accelerator sticking problem


21 JUN 00


Mazda today announced it has set prices of the all-new 2001 Mazda Tribute sport-utility vehicle, starting at an eye-popping $17,005 for the DX model equipped with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and manual transmission. Tribute models equipped with the 200-horsepower 3.0-liter V6 engine and standard automatic transmission start at $19,140. The 2001 Tribute, which Mazda calls ``the SUV with the soul of a sports car,'' goes on sale this summer.

Full Story here

14 JUNE 00

Test Drive the Escape!  

Edmund's LIVE on tour is featuring a V-6 Escape (I'm assuming it's the V6, as they mention it in the description) in its lineup.   You must make a reservation for your test drive.

Here is the current itenerary:

Atlanta Atlanta Motor Speedway July 7-9
Washington, D.C. Fed Ex Field August 4-6
Chicago Chicago Motor Speedway August 11-13
New Jersey
Raceway Park August 31-Sept. 3
San Francisco Golden Gate Field September 15-17
Los Angeles Hollywood Park September 23-29

Check out Edmunds LIVE site for more detailed info!

07 JUNE 00

The Escape is in production!!!!   Found at Edmunds:

Officially production of Escapes started on May
22, with line running at about 10 units per hour,
the full speed (the official Job 1 start date) will
be June 12. By September they will be building 60
Escape/Trbute units per hour. 35000 were sold prior
to this date. Ford trying to boost output already.
It was planned to build 70000 Escape/Tribute by
the year end at the Kansas City plant, now they
are trying to build 110000 units. Plant capacity is
260000 Ford is trying to raise it to 300000.
According to Paul Linden (Escape project
manager):"The boost in output, however, could
present serious issues for suppliers. Dealer orders
for well equipped Escapes are running even richer
than Ford anticipated". The well equipped (V6,
4x4,leather, sunroof, etc) are ordered 60-70%, not
25% as Ford anticipated. In dash CD are ordered
60%, where Visteon (supplier for CD) can provide
only 30% 
On the beginning 75% of the build will be Mazda
Tribute, Later Escape will be build 3 to 1.
It is calculated that Escape offers 105% more
value than the Honda CR-V, but will be priced at
98% of the CR-V (at least for the first year). Ford
also is trying to boost output in Hofu, Japan,
from 40000 to 60000 (with the right side steering

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